You're Invited!

If you've enjoyed hearing about our fun on the farm, please consider joining us for our community potluck on October 9th. We will be inviting all of our community partners, including some that we have yet to blog about. It is a great opportunity to see how we can be of use to your work/life/studies, we are encouraging guests to network with each other and give us feedback on the programs we've been working on over the summer.

October 9th, 2014
From 3pm - 6pm (stop by for part or all)

*Rideshares are available upon request from Seattle University campus.


  • See a biochar demonstration
  • Make herbal sachets
  • Save seeds                                                                                                        
  • Gather around a fire pit and roast marshmallows
  • Help us create vision boards for our future


  • Pickles, Crackers, & Kale Dip
  • Grilled Marinated Squash
  • Southern Collard Greens
  • Mixed Salad
  • Apples & Caramel Dip
  • Popcorn Balls
  • Herb Scones
We are hosting a potluck style celebration and ask you to consider bringing a light snack/appetizer or refreshment.

Who else is invited?

  • Seattle University students, staff, and faculty
  • Community & social service organizations
  • Partnership colleges & culinary tech programs
  • King County staff from various groups and departments
Flowers drying out for seed saving

Flowers drying out for seed saving

A fountain saga

 Victoria, who has spent a lot of time bringing some beautiful art and design into our demonstration garden had one big wish before ending her internship this month. Take three salvaged sinks and turn them into a water feature. What a great idea! Just one problem...not one person on our team has ever made a fountain before. It happened that as the same time we were talking about this project someone donated a submersible pump. We took it on thinking, how hard could it be? Famous last words.

We stood in pond/aquaculture/fountain aisle of the hardware store and turned to each other with that 'oh crap' look on both our faces. So I did what any other good boss does, I buckled down and became a fountain expert over the next week or so. Of course, this was helped along by asking everyone and anyone to help. This fountain turned into a true team effort. The list of people who have helped create this fountain over the last three days includes: Victoria, Victoria's boyfriend Zach, Becca, Kayla, my dad, my own partner, and a couple very amused South Plant staff. 

Thank you to everyone who had helped! We are up and functioning just in time for the rain to make a water feature pretty moot. Will post more pictures when all the landscaping rocks are added as well. 

Aerosol Art with Youth Group

Renton Area Youth Services does some amazing work mentoring students over the summer and through the school year. We were lucky enough to be able to work with them over the end of July and into August. Together, we put together a food systems day and paired it with an introduction to aerosol/graffiti art. A King County employee at South Plant, Rico Israel, was kind enough to volunteer his skills as an artist and run a whole workshop on aerosol art. With the help of a small 4culture grant, each student was able to create a large art panel that now hangs on our fence facing Grady Way. Each student was also able to take home a small stipend. 

Pastries for a cause

This year we are having such a great crop of fruit that we decided to have some of it be showcased by a local pastry chef. Boaz Hillebrand made these beautiful pastries with some help from our figs, raspberries, blueberries, lavender, and edible flowers. They were all donated to the Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere dinner for a desert auction. All together they brought in more than $800!!