Strawberries galore! Come get a bucket full!

We are on the verge of having a full blown food forest out here and it is all starting with the strawberries. If you want some strawberries, don't miss our Work & Learn Day this Saturday, June 14th. In addition to some irrigation and mulching workshops we will also be offering free UPick strawberries. 

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page, including more detailed photo albums. 


We have been really busy out at the farm getting things ready for Spring planting. Here are a few photos of our freshly tilled beds and the asparagus popping up. The asparagus in particular has been really cool to see producing an edible crop since it has taken almost four years to mature and establish! 

Compost and Irrigation

Our two biggest projects this year are our permanent hot compost structure, designed by SU student Erik vanderSluys and an automatic irrigation system.

The compost  structure was designed to be an enclosed and hot compost system that can keep up with the volume of green waste during harvesting. We will have two bins made from concrete and cinder blocks, eventually we'd like to add a couple worm bins to show another method of composting as well. To the right is a photo of our concrete base set with rebar. We are awaiting a dry day when we can all be out there together to pour concrete. Perhaps we will do this at a summer volunteer event if people are interested in a compost workshop? 

Irrigation has been a huge headache but is finally coming together! Like most non-profit projects we are operating on a limited budget and like most farms, irrigation is the most important and frustrating part of growing food. Unless you have a good amount of experience, large-scale irrigation design is not something you want to do on your own. After many nights trying to study up on irrigation design, I finally came up with a working draft of our irrigation system. Right around the same time we got some really great news. An irrigation expert is willing to donate some time to get my draft up to par and give us best practices on installation. Hopefully this will be our last season using soakers and a tangled web of green hoses!